San Diego State University

SDSU’s School of Nursing among first to explore power of mixed reality learning content, delivered via Microsoft HoloLens.

hololensToday at EDUCAUSE 2016, Pearson announced a collaboration with Microsoft to explore the power of mixed reality to solve real challenges in areas of learning, ranging from online tutoring and coaching, nursing education, and engineering to construction and surveyor training. Pearson is partnering with three universities, among them, SDSU’s School of Nursing.

Dr. Philip Greiner, director of the School of Nursing said, “It is a privilege to work with Pearson and Microsoft to develop these educational components for nursing education.” Microsoft HoloLens, the world’s first self-contained holographic computer, embraces virtual reality and augmented reality to create a new reality – mixed reality. Mixed reality merges the virtual and physical worlds to create a new reality whereby the two can coexist and interact. Pearson will use Microsoft’s holographic video capture capability, filming actors to simulate patients with various health concerns and then transferring that video into holograms for the student nurses to experience in a clinical setting. When student nurses participate in the simulations using HoloLens, they will have a real world experience diagnosing patients, building the confidence and competence that they will need in their careers.