HHS 350 Frequently Asked Questions

What is HHS 350?

HHS 350: Applied International Health & Human Services is a 3 unit upper division general education course which satisfies the Explorations Area B (Social & Behavioral Sciences) requirement, cultural diversity requirement and CHHS International Experience requirement.

HHS 350 is only 1 of the many options available to satisfy the international experience.

It is a full semester online course that has an international component during winter, spring, or summer break. The lecture component of this course is just like any other course, with weekly readings and discussion, writing assignment and exams.

Students MUST travel abroad before or during the same semester they are enrolled in the course.

Students enrolled in HHS 350 during the Fall semester travel during the Summer prior to the beginning of the semester.

Students enrolled in HHS 350 during the Spring semester travel during Winter before the beginning of the semester or during Spring Break.

What is the registration process for HHS 350?

Spring Semester Course

  • Spring Break Instructor-Led Program: Students enroll during normal registration time in Webportal
  • Winter Break Volunteer or Internship: Students apply in Aztecs Abroad before October 15

Fall Semester Course

  • Instructor-Led Program: Applications will open in March the semester before you travel. Check the Application Process page for details.  The application will open on the same day and time for everyone, regardless of graduation status.
  • Summer Volunteer or Internship: Students apply in Aztecs Abroad before March 15

I couldn’t get a space in HHS 350 this semester, now what?

Students are encouraged to look at all HHS 350 sections prior to course registration to determine which sections are of interest and within their budget. It can be very competitive to receive a space in HHS 350, so students who are more flexible may have a better chance of securing a space in the course.

If you are scheduled to graduate that semester, and did not receive a space in the course, students should go on the waitlist in Webportal. If you do not receive a space in the course, the CHHS International Coordinator can assist in looking for other possible programs.

It is encouraged to start planning as early as possible to allow enough time to secure a space in the course or to allow time to find a program other than HHS 350 to satisfy your international experience.

When does the HHS 350 course meet?

Beginning Spring 2017, HHS 350 will be an online course. Each section will have required pre-departure meetings. Check the class schedule for final dates.

Course structure is subject to change. Please consult the class schedule for final information.

What is the course fee associated with HHS 350?

The course fee for HHS 350 differs from section to section or country to country. This course fee can be seen as a “lab fee” or “activity fee.” This fee includes things like accommodations, meals, in country transportation, mandatory international health insurance, activities, museum entry, speaker fees, and other program components.

The course fee does not include airfare or any personal expenses (such as travel visas, passports, souvenirs, etc.)

Note: Registration fees for the 3 unit course are not included in this fee. Registration fees are an additional cost, which are a part of your semester tuition costs.

Do I need to speak a foreign language?

Foreign language ability is not required to participate in HHS 350. If you are traveling to Mexico or Costa Rica, Spanish can be extremely helpful and often times contributes to a more positive experience for students. However, translators are provided for all activities.

Where do we stay while we’re there?

Each program is set up differently for accommodations. Typically students stay in a hotel, student hostel or university dorm accommodation. These are typically in double or quad rooms.

Students traveling to Costa Rica and Spain will be staying with a host family with one other student from the program.

Can we pick our roommate?

Many programs allow students the option to choose their own roommate, if they know someone else participating in the program.

Is there free time during the time abroad to explore on our own?

Due to the short amount of time students are abroad, the itineraries are packed pretty tightly. We hope to provide students with a comprehensive time abroad. Some sections do allow for free afternoons or evenings as a part of the itinerary to allow students to choose their own activities. Further information and tips will be provided to students for this time.

Can my family/friends come with me?

Unless a student is registered in the course, additional guests/family are not permitted to travel with the group.

Do we fly together as a group or do we arrange our own airfare?

Group flights are seldom organized as an optional part of the course. Typically, students are free to make their own arrangements regarding their flights after they have been accepted into the program. Students are not allowed to purchase their flights before they are accepted into the program and guidelines regarding arrival/departure times and airports will be given at the beginning of the course. Many students will end up flying on the same flights or speak with one another to plan flights.

I have a health concern or dietary restriction, can that be accommodated?

We are able to accommodate many dietary restrictions and health concerns on many of our programs. If you have a specific concern, please contact the CHHS International Coordinator prior to registering in the course to determine which country would be best for you.

I received the AS Study Abroad Scholarship/Dean’s Travel Scholarship. How will I receive that?

AS Study Abroad Scholarship/Dean’s Travel Scholarship: once a student has registered for the course, they will be confirmed with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. The funds would then be disbursed to their student account. If they have any outstanding charges on their account, the money would go towards that. Any questions about scholarships, contact the OFAS.