Nursing Students

Nursing Students

A world of opportunity awaits our nursing students!

Semester-Long Program Options for Nursing Students

The best time to go abroad for a semester is Sophomore year (3rd or 4th semester at SDSU):

  • Courses that are preparation for the Nursing major need to be completed by the end of the semester just prior to going abroad. (Oral Communication, Composition, Intermediate Comp/Critical Thinking, CHEM 102, BIOL 211/211L, BIOL 212, Statistics, Psychology).
  • Students can choose from a number of SDSU Exchange program in Aztecs Abroad. Be sure to filter your search under “Advanced Search” for the specific Class Standing (Sophomore), & Language of Instruction (English). The “Field of Study” should not be selected, since you will not be taking major courses.
  • Students should speak with the Housing Office EARLY about their plans to study abroad and inquire about the process for requesting a release from their housing commitment/lease for study abroad. They can be reached at or 619-594-5742

Short-Term Program Options for Nursing Students:

Short-term programs can be completed over Winter, Summer, or Spring Break as early as Freshman year. Some options include:

Mundt Peace Fellowship Program

Additional Resources & Programs for Nursing students