The International Requirement

The CHHS Undergraduate International Experience provides students with an opportunity to learn beyond the classroom. Immersion in a foreign country offers a chance for students to gain exciting and new knowledge, resulting in a life-changing experience.

All incoming CHHS undergraduate students in Social Work, Public Health, Nursing and Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, and Exercise and Nutritional Sciences, who are brand new to SDSU are required to participate in an international experience prior to graduation. This includes all transfer students and first-time freshman.

The Requirement Basics:

  • Travel outside of the United States
  • Program must be a minimum of 2 weeks, with 14 days in the host country (some 9-day SDSU Instructor-Led programs accepted)
  • Students must receive academic credit

Program types that will satisfy the international experience:

  • HHS 350 Applied International Health & Human Services
  • HHS 290 International Experience
  • ASIAN 490 Study Abroad in Asian Studies
  • ED 450 Education Study Abroad
  • GEN S 450 Life and Culture Semester Abroad
  • HONOR 450 Honors Study Abroad
  • ISCOR 450 Study Abroad in International Security and Conflict Resolution
  • LATAM 320 Culture and Society of Tijuana
  • LATAM 550 Mexican-US Border from a Latin American Perspective
  • LATAM 450 Study Abroad in Latin American Studies
  • POL S 450 Study Abroad in Political Science
  • SCI 350  International Experience
  • SDSU Semester Exchange Program (Semester or Academic Year, some summer only available)
  • SDSU Faculty Led Program through College of Extended Studies (Semester, Summer, Winter & Spring Break)
  • ISEP Exchange or Direct Program (Semester or Summer)
  • CSU International Program (Full Academic Year)
  • Approved Independent Study Abroad Program

* If you use one of the above options to satisfy your international experience, nothing further must be done once the program is completed.

If you complete an international program other than those above, contact the CHHS International Coordinator once the units from your chosen study abroad program have posted to your SDSU transcript to complete a “Request for Adjustment of Academic Record” form to receive credit for the International Experience requirement.