Letter from the Dean

Dear Friends,

Steve HookerAs I am writing this letter for The Pulse (my first one!), I have been Dean of the CHHS for 6 months. I have described my experience thus far as drinking from a fire hose. At times, it has been overwhelming trying to learn new organizational structures, policies, procedures, and people’s names (one of my weaknesses). However, I have been welcomed with open arms, smiles, and sincere words of encouragement and support which has made the transition very enjoyable and comforting. I wish to thank everyone I have met for the cheerful reception you have given me as I have entered the Aztec family.

Over the past six months, I have met many administrators, faculty, staff, students, donors, alumni, and university partners who have shared with me their SDSU and CHHS experiences and ideas for the future. At every turn, I have found these conversations extremely insightful and helpful. CHHS has a rich history of success, and is intimately connected to the community. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement in how we prepare students for their careers, strive for new discoveries with our research, and embed our expertise and efforts into the San Diego and Imperial Valley regions and beyond. We have great capacity to continue making a difference in the lives of many as we build upon our past achievements and look for ways to accelerate our impact in the future.

I describe my leadership style as servant leadership. I am here to serve the CHHS students, faculty and staff and, simultaneously, the SDSU Provost and President to the best of my ability. To that end, I have an open door policy to anyone who desires to talk with me about any concerns, questions, or ideas that they have about CHHS. This applies to alumni, donors and external partners, also. I am here to listen, learn, and act to maintain the status of CHHS as one of the best colleges on campus and in the CSU system. I feel I can do that better if we work together. So, feel free to reach out to me at any time. My email is shooker@sdsu.edu and my phone number is 619-594-6516. I look forward to hearing from and/or meeting many of you in the future, especially if I haven’t had the opportunity to already do so.

Best regards (and go Aztecs!),

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Steven Hooker, Dean