Letter from the Dean

Dear Friends – alumni, donors, faculty

Larry VerityWith Dean Marilyn Newhoff stepping down as the chief academic administrator of CHHS last summer, I want to introduce myself to all of you in my appointed role as Interim Dean of the CHHS. My name is Larry S. Verity and I have been in the associate dean’s role for the last four years. Previously, I was a clinical exercise physiology faculty member in the School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences. I’m excited about assisting CHHS to build upon its significant excellence established
by Dean Newhoff. Working alongside me, the Dean’s office staff are superior and provide a team of professionals in helping me succeed in my tasks and responsibilities.
CHHS is comprised of five schools, where three schools brought forth new directors to lead their faculty this academic year. Dr. Matthew Mahar assumed the directorship of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences, Dr. Hala Madanat stepped forward as director of the Graduate School of Public Health, while Dr. Tracy Love assumed the interim director role in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. Our other two schools have seasoned directors who have been in their positions for several years: Dr. Philip Greiner at the School of Nursing; and Dr. Mindy Hohman at the School of Social Work. Our directors are incredibly resourceful and oversee their quality programs. Our schools have excellent undergraduate and graduate academic pro-grams, many of which are highly ranked in the state and country.
Lastly, CHHS garnered over $42 million in grants and contracts last academic year. Our college has established its excellence and is building on its achievements with distinction.
In my new role as Interim Dean, I also want to express my appreciation for the role that University Research and Development provides to the college. I want to formally introduce Breanna Weeks, who was assigned as Sr. Director of Development for CHHS this past summer, working with Rebecca Williamson and Lily Tom.
I am enjoying my time as Interim Dean and I encourage faculty, staff, students, donors, supporters, and alumni to stop in and say ‘hello’ if you are near my office. Certainly, I appreciate the efforts that everyone puts forth to continue to make CHHS the best of colleges on this campus!!

Best Regards,


Larry S. Verity, Interim Dean