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Thank You for Making Us All Aztec Proud

Rebecca Williamson
Rebecca Williamson,
Development Officer

The end of the fiscal year (June 30) also marks the end of The Campaign for SDSU. The campaign, a first for SDSU, was started seven years ago with an initial goal of $500 million. As that goal was reached, the campaign was extended to reach $750 million. And, in the end, we raised over $800 million dollars to support the students, faculty, programs and campus of SDSU. CHHS raised over $21,000,000 for student scholarships, program support, research support and facilities support

THANK YOU to all of our donors! With gifts both large and small, we have sur- passed our wildest dreams of success. Along the way, all of us in development have been delighted to meet alumni and learn about their journeys after they left SDSU. We have also met wonderful community members and corporate executives who were not originally part of the Aztec family but support our vision for the future and are now “honorary Aztecs.”

“The Campaign for SDSU has redefined this university,” said Mary Ruth Carleton, Vice President for University Relations and Development. “Our students compete at the highest levels in the academic arena. They are leaders, innovators and change agents on this campus and in their post-graduation lives.” SDSU President Elliot Hirshman said, “The Campaign for SDSU has changed the course and trajectory of our campus forever. Our success in raising more than $750 million for students, faculty and programming sends a powerful message about the commitment, resolve and potential of the SDSU community.”

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who has helped us achieve this dream!

Introducing Stacy Carota

Stacy Carota
Stacy Carota, Senior Director of Development, (619) 594-2324,

Stacy Carota is the Senior Director of Development for the Colleges of Sciences and Health and Human Services at SDSU. She is responsible for providing leadership, strategic direction, management and coordination of major gift fundraising activities to support student scholarships, scientific research and facilities. Previously, Stacy was the Director of Development for Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Director of Development for the NTC Foundation Arts and Cultural District; Development and Communications Officer at Sharp HealthCare Foundation. In addition, Stacy is active in many volunteer efforts, including the Association of Fundraising Professionals, The Herb Klein Leadership Series, San Diego Foundation Center for Civic Engagement, San Diego American Heart Association, and Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute. She is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Doris A. Howell Foundation.