Letter from the Dean

Dear Friends – alumni, donors, faculty

Larry Verity

As happens with many academic years, I cannot believe that this one has come to a close so quickly. As Interim Dean, I have fully enjoyed working in this role for the college and have gained a broader understanding of the schools, college, and university. I want to express my appreciation for the support that the Dean’s office staff have provided, along with the important relationships developed among our five schools and their directors.

Now that the spring 2017 term has ended, I would like to highlight a number of accomplishments that have shaped our college over the past few months of this spring term. They are too many to list here, so they can be found in the feature article on page 1 of this issue of the Pulse.

The search for the new dean for the college is ongoing. At this time it seems that a new dean will not be in place with the start of the next school year and I am delighted to remain interim dean until a new dean is selected.

Within the past several weeks, our Director of Development, Breanna Weeks, has separated from the university. While we will miss her unique development engagement with CHHS, I would like to welcome Stacy Carota as our new Senior Director of Development. I look forward to working with Stacy to build on our development successes.

I have enjoyed this past year as Interim Dean. I encourage all faculty, staff, students, donors/supporters, and alumni to stop in and say ‘hello’ if you are near my office. Certainly, I appreciate the efforts that everyone puts forth to continue to make CHHS one of the best of colleges on this campus!!

Best Regards,

Larry S. Verity, Interim Dean