Development Office

We Will Always Need Your Support!

Rebecca Williamson
Rebecca Williamson, Development Officer

Having successfully wrapped up our first capital campaign, it might be tempting to think that the need for philanthropic funding at SDSU has eased. In plain terms, it hasn’t. We continue to receive less than 20% of our annual budget from the State of California. The remaining funding comes from student tuition and fees, research grants, and private sup- port. The support of our alumni and friends will always be critical to maintaining the high quality of education that we offer.

With the continued need for support comes our continued plea to you, our alumni and friends. First and foremost, please continue to give an annual gift. This is especially important for alumni – your gift counts twice. Once as it supports our students and programs. And once as it shows “alumni engagement”, a key ingredient in how U.S. News and World Reports ranks colleges. Their measure is based on the percentage of alumni who give, not the dollar amount. That means that even a small donation has immense value. So please, respond to our annual calling, email and mailing campaigns with whatever gift is possible.

For those of you who are capable of making larger gifts, we still need your support! Would you like to fund a scholarship, or increase a scholarship you already support? Do you have an idea for a new program you would like to support? Or is there a program we already offer that you want to ensure succeeds? Perhaps you are now establishing an estate plan and would like to include SDSU? Are you ready to begin mandatory withdrawals from your IRA account and would like to learn about the potential tax advantages of giving those directly to SDSU? We here in the development office are eager to provide you with information, answer your questions, and help you move forward.

Thank you for your continued support for SDSU!

Introducing Stacy Carota and Natasha Bliss

Stacy Carota
Stacy Carota, Sr. Director of Development

Stacy Carota is the new Senior Director of Development for the Colleges of Sciences and Health and Human Services at SDSU. She is responsible for providing leadership, strategic direction, management and coordination of major gift fundraising activities to support student scholarships and scientific research.

Natasha Bliss
Natasha Bliss, Director of Development

Natasha Bliss is the new Director of Development for the college. Previously she was the associate director of development for the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts. She is responsible for working with donors who are capable of giving major gifts to support CHHS and the university.

Together Rebecca, Natasha and Stacy will help support the college by working with donors, friends, alumni and private foundations to raise much-needed funds.