School of Exercise & Nutritional Sciences

DPT Students Help People Move to Improve

physical therapy studentsOctober 14 was Global Physical Therapy Day of Service for members of the physical therapy community. All across the country, members participated in community service opportunities. For some groups, this was related to their profession. For some, it was community events such as beach clean ups or creating a park.

Students in the SDSU Doctor of Physical Therapy program organized and conducted a day of com- munity education and outreach about physical therapy. They recruited practitioners from local clinics to participate at the Move to Improve event, hosted by Roadrunner Sports. Alumni and students staffed the booths that offered information on a variety of wellness and fitness topics. Some 100 people participated in the full event, plus additional people who visited some of the displays but did not register and participate fully. All of the services were free and open to the public.

physical therapy demonstrationFor participants, the event started at a registration booth. There they participated in a screening survey to indicate specific topics they might be interested in learning more about. They received information about the various services available at the booths. Then they were able to tour the displays and information at their own pace.

Information was offered about reducing or eliminating back, hip and ankle pain, sports concussions, core strengthening and postpartum running. Booths explained foam rolling, using kinesio tape and offered mini yoga and pilates workouts. There were massages and demonstrations on how to use resistance bands, as well as various nutritional information sessions. There were balance and posture assessments and functional movement screenings.

At the conclusion of the event, student organizer Michelle Medicke said, “It was really exciting to be able to reach out to all of these people and help them improve their athletic performance.” Faculty member Rosalia Arellano was enthusiastic about the turnout and very proud of the job the students had done. They are already planning for the 2018 event.

Athletic Training Celebrates 50 Years!

faculty recognitionIn September 1968, Robert J. Moore was hired in a dual appointment as the first Head Athletic Trainer for SDSU athletics and as a tenure-track professor in the Physical Education department. He had one athletic training student, Jim Hammond. By 1977 an emphasis in Athletic Training under the Physical Education major was developed with three athletic training specific courses and a clinical internship program at SDSU. Today, the SDSU Athletic Training Program is its own Bachelor of Science degree program with 12 athletic training specific courses. This program includes both an academic and a two-year clinical component under the direct supervision of a certified athletic trainer at one of 10 affiliated clinical sites.

student athletic trainerOver the intervening years the Athletic Training program has graduated over 1500 students and is the primary provider of certified athletic trainers to the local community, with graduates employed at nearly every major university, community college, and secondary school across the region. Graduates can also be found nation- and world-wide in positions with high school and collegiate athletics, professional sports teams, Olympic training centers and teams, military settings, professional service settings, and professional fine arts performance venues.

anniversary groupIn addition to education and employment, SDSU Athletic Training is heavily involved with the community through the Future Athletic Trainers’ Society student organization. Participants attend local high school and community college career fairs to promote the profession and the importance of sports safety through adequate medical cover- age. Additionally, participants provide medical coverage at local community sporting events such as the Rock-n-Roll Marathon and the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

The anniversary celebration kicked off with an event in Las Vegas during the Far West Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Symposia. Additional events are planned during the year and there is a website with that information, plus a look at the programs history and alumni information. Visit for more information.