Letter from the Dean

Larry VerityDear Friends – alumni, donors, faculty,

As I end my second academic year as Interim Dean for the CHHS, I have thoroughly enjoyed my role in this position. I want to bring you up-to-date on a few changes that have transpired within the Dean’s office during the past academic year of 2017-18.

First, I am happy to announce several changes in the Associate and Assistant Dean positions in the college. Dr. Mark Reed was appointed as Interim Associate Dean for Research Affairs in September 2017. Additionally, Dr. Jessica Robinson was appointed as Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs this past September; however, she separated from the university in January of 2018 to take on a Vice President of Student Affairs position at Cuyamaca Community College. With her departure, Mr. Jason Ramirez was appointed as Interim Assistant Dean for Students Affairs. Jason comes into the Dean’s office with a wealth of student advising experience through his past appointment in the School of Nursing, and has been engaged within the college and across the university. This has given him the unique ability to offer excellent student assistance and advisement on a variety of issues. I am very grateful for the significant engagement each has brought to the dean’s office and the college.

Second, I want to take this opportunity to announce that Ms. Claire Norberg has transitioned from the front desk in the Dean’s office to an internal office and has been temporarily reclassified as an Administrative Analyst. As you might know, Claire had been our front desk person for the past 10 years! We are excited about having Claire in her new role.

Finally, the search committee for the new CHHS Dean has completed its search and I am pleased to announce that Dr. Steven Hooker (Arizona State University) has been appointed as Dean. Dr. Hooker will assume this position in late June 2018. We welcome Dr. Hooker to SDSU and especially to the CHHS!

As I have said previously, I encourage all faculty, staff, students, donors/supporters, and alumni to stop in and say ‘hello’ if you are near my office. Certainly, I appreciate the efforts that everyone puts forth to continue to make the CHHS one of the best of colleges on this campus!!

Best Regards,

Larry S. Verity, Interim Dean