Message from the Development Office

We Will Always Need Your Help!

Rebecca WilliamsonA new school year is just starting at SDSU and already the excitement is notable all around campus. There are so many exciting things happening it is impossible to list them all. Each issue of the Pulse newsletter can highlight only a few of the programs, research endeavors, outstanding students and wonderful faculty and staff in our college. You can always find out more about all of the excitement at SDSU by visiting the NewsCenter. You can even subscribe so you get information delivered to your inbox on a regular basis.

Each of the programs and research areas described here, and the many more around the college, need support to succeed. The State of California only covers about 15% of the cost of operating the university, the rest of the budget comes from student tuition and fees, research grants and contracts, and from philanthropy. Our students pay a reasonable tuition but many of them still depend on financial aid to be able to access a college education. While some of this aid comes from government sources, much of it comes from generous donors who want to support students toward their goals.

Research too depends on a variety of funding sources. Some is funded primarily through large government grant sources, such as the National Institute of Health. Grants of this type are increasingly difficult to win and do not always cover all of the diverse areas of research our faculty would like to pursue. Private foundations and individual philanthropy make up the difference.

CHHS operates several community-based clinics and programs, such as the Speech-Language Clinic and the Adaptive Fitness Clinic. These programs benefit members of the San Diego community who receive access to high-quality, low-cost services, as well as our students who receive invaluable hands-on experience. They too are dependent on individual donors to continue to provide these wonderful opportunities.

We look to you, our alumni and friends, to help with these endeavors if possible. All gifts, regardless of size, help us provide an outstanding education for our students, research for a better future, and community services for San Diegans. Small annual gifts, larger donations, and estate gifts all provide invaluable support for the college, its students, the university, and the wider community. If you can help, please contact any member of the development team – we are here to help make your giving as easy as possible!

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