HHS 350 – Independent Programs

Interested in participating in an international volunteer or internship program over  winter or summer break? Complete a program for a minimum of 2 weeks and earn credit by enrolling in HHS 350: Applied International Health & Human Services!

HHS 350, is a 3-unit ONLINE course that fulfills the CHHS International Experience Requirement, SDSU GE Explorations Area B (Social and Behavioral Sciences), Cultural Diversity, and includes a 2-week international internship or volunteer program in most parts of the world!


3 units of SDSU resident credit.  This course satisfies SDSU’s GE Explorations Area B (Social and Behavioral Sciences), Cultural Diversity and CHHS International Experience requirements


Program fees will vary by organization and destination

  • Additional fees include SDSU tuition, mandatory international health insurance (approximately $60), airfare, and personal expenses


  • Students are REQUIRED to participate in a program related to Health & Human Services. An essay will be submitted as part of the approval process.
  • Apply for a pre-approved program in Aztecs Abroad FIRST. March 15 is the deadline to apply for summer break, October 15 is the deadline for winter break. If the program is not listed in Aztecs Abroad, that means it is not currently an approved program and must be petitioned for review HERE
  • AFTER you’ve applied through Aztecs Abroad, you are welcome to apply to international provider (such as IVHQ) directly.
  • Participate in a volunteer program for a minimum of 2 weeks (longer programs are encouraged!). **NOTE ABOUT IVHQ PROGRAMS: This CANNOT include extended in-country orientations. Bali – Ubud, Fiji, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and Sri Lanka require a 3 week commitment and certain countries have an optional orientation that will not be considered in the minimum 2 week volunteer requirement (including, but not limited to, India – Delhi, Romania). Contact the CHHS International Coordinator for more details.
  • Students MUST be in the host country for a minimum of 14 days (proof will be submitted to the CHHS Dean’s office prior to departure). Students must be in certain countries for a longer period of time due to the 3-week volunteer commitment (see above).
  • Students MUST earn academic credit by enrolling in HHS 350 (1 unit independent study may also be available) the semester after their international program.
  • All SDSU majors may participate in this program. If you are a major outside of the CHHS, please check with your international coordinator or academic advisor to ensure this program will fulfill your international experience graduation requirement.

SDSU Application Deadlines:

  • Summer: March 15
  • Winter: October 15

Independent program deadlines vary by organization and destination.